Discovery of Dien Chan

Weekend of 6 – 8 and 13 – 15 August 2021

by Alba Luna Fancini, Naturopath


Emotional tarot: a tool for where you are, what energy you move and what aspects of you are blocked, hindered or need support. It works using the power of imagery and the sacred teachings of archetypes.

ThetaHealing®: an energy practice that makes it possible to work on limiting beliefs by reprogramming them and rebalancing the entire system; this technique creates physical, mental and spiritual healings using the connection to creative energy.

The ThetaHealing® technique is particularly useful in case of emotional blockages and beliefs that deprive us of energy and vital force. It allows us to change our thought patterns and thus live a life more in accordance with our soul.

The union of these two techniques allows you to tap deep within yourself, allowing you, in the space of an hour, to make great changes.